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Pangasinan town to stage Puto Festival anew

CALASIAO, Pangasinan: The municipality here is set to hold the Puto (native rice cake) Festival that will showcase and involve all sectors of the town and boost their native rice cake industry.


In an interview on Monday, municipal administrator Patrick Agustin Caramat said the festival will run from Dec. 8 to 14.


“We wanted to bring back the essence of a festival and of course to boost the income of our puto vendors,” he said.


He said the celebration for this year will cater to all sectors and will include activities that are fun and exciting.


Among the activities are the Family Farm Day on Dec. 9, a gift-giving activity for persons with disabilities on Dec. 13 and pageants for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and plus community.


“There will be Baile ed Baley (street party) and street dance competition,” Caramat said.


The highlight of the festival is the “101 ways to serve puto” and the “puto construction and design”, “puto eating” contest and best puto stalls on Dec. 12.


The festival in the previous years during the onset of the pandemic was held in simple celebrations due to the restrictions on mass gatherings.


The town is also drawing crowds for its Dubai-inspired Miracle Christmas Garden Village which has been opened to the public for free on Nov. 28


Source: Philippines News Agency