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UK Seeks Health Care Collaboration with Philippines Following NHS Trade Mission

Manila, Philippines - The United Kingdom, represented by various National Health Service (NHS) organizations, is looking to expand its collaboration with the Philippines in the field of health care. This initiative followed a trade mission's visit to Manila, which took place from November 29 to December 1.

According to Philippines News Agency, the delegation met with multiple health care stakeholders and government officials during their visit, including Philippine Health Secretary Teodoro Herbosa. According to Lindsey Gilbert-Crouch, the country director for Trade and Investment, the NHS's leading hospitals are eager to collaborate internationally, leveraging their 75 years of experience in innovation, research-based clinical pathways, advanced science, and exceptional training, equipment, and digital systems. Gilbert-Crouch emphasized the mutual benefits for both the UK and the Philippines in learning from each other to enhance health care outcomes.

In a December 1 statement, the UK Embassy in Manila highlighted the trade mission's focus on discussing health care challenges and innovations, as well as expressing interest in Philippine health care models. The embassy underscored the significance of the visit in strengthening UK-Philippines relations and the potential for future health care collaborations.

The UK is known for its scientific breakthroughs and is at the forefront of delivering next-generation treatments, technologies, and services, including personalized health care through digital health, artificial intelligence, and cutting-edge medical technology.

A key outcome of the visit was the signing of a Twinning Partnership between West Yorkshire and Pasig City. The memorandum of understanding, signed by Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto and Richard Stubbs, CEO of Health Innovation Yorkshire and Humber, aims to foster growth in research and innovation within the health care sector.

The partnership will advance the development of the Philippines' first digitized patient registry for primary care. The embassy noted that this registry is already benefiting up to one million patients in barangay health centers across Pasig City and Iloilo City, launched through the UK's 'Better Health Programme.'

The UK delegation comprised representatives from Aire Logic, Health Innovation Yorkshire and Humber, Modality Partnership, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Royal College of General Practitioners, UCL Global Business School for Health, University of Bradford, University of Leeds, and West Yorkshire NHS Integrated Care Board.

May Parsons, the Filipino nurse known for administering the first Covid-19 vaccination outside of clinical trials, was also present at a reception held for the mission.