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Pork prices in Zambo City up due to ASF

The city is facing high costs of pork after some hog raisers opted to stop operations due to African swine fever (ASF) infection. Dr. Mario Arriola, city veterinarian, said Saturday that the prevailing prices of pork in local markets have reached as much as PHP350 per kg., compared to PHP270 per kg. last month. 'A considerable number of hog raisers, including backyard raisers, have stopped raising pigs because of the ASF threat,' Arriola said. Local hog raisers supply 30 percent to 40 percent of the local market demand, while the remaining 60 percent comes from nearby provinces. However, Arriola noted that some of the hog raisers in nearby provinces prefer to supply live hogs, pork products, and by-products to other regions with prices higher than that of the city. The posted number of hog mortalities is now at 4,655, with 1,122 culled due to ASF. The number of affected hog raisers remains at 1,098 spread out in 34 barangays under the seven Veterinary Districts of the city. Arriola said the city remains under the ASF red zone classification.

Source: Philippines News Agency