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KOTA BHARU, Kelantan Darul Naim FC (KDNFC) denied that the resignation of KDNFC deputy president Datuk Zamri Ismail and chief executive officer Wan Mohd Zul Ikman was due to the issue of player salary payments or the team's defeat in the Super League competition two games in a row. KDNFC president Rozi Muhamad said the resignation by the two individuals was a normal procedure due to their conviction of not burdening the team when they are carrying out more important tasks. He said their resignations were not related to salary payment or defeat as circulated on social media. "Their plans to resign have been made in the past few months but I did not allow it because at that time the club's branding matters had to be resolved first before resigning", he said in a statement today. Rozi said there was no issue regarding the payment of salaries because the salaries of all players and staff were still on schedule. "As for the issue of losses, the Super League competition has only started with two games, even i f we lost both games, it is ridiculous to resign because of that. "They are a big loss actually to me and the club because they are both individuals who have developed KDNFC but we have to respect their decision to withdraw," he said. According to him, their resignation does not affect the club's progress and management, including the focus on the Malaysian League (M-League) season 2024/2025. Source: BERNAMA News Agency