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Energy crisis diverts Europe to coal, nuclear power plants

BRUSSELS: In the face of the energy crisis prompted by the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war, European countries have diverted to coal and nuclear energy, which they had a dim view in the past and planned to end their use.

Russia's cutting off the natural gas flow in response to EU sanctions due to the war further deepened the energy crisis in Europe.

EU countries for many years put energy supply security on the back burner with public pressure, and instead focused on policies to protect the environment and prevent climate change, but had to change their stance with the end of the reasonably priced natural gas flow from Russia.

The energy crisis has reduced the opposition to coal and nuclear energy in European countries, causing a greater focus on these resources.

The share of coal in the total electricity production of EU countries has risen to 16 percent in 2022, up from 13 percent in 2020.

Some 26 retired coal-fired power stations have been reactivated in the EU last year

Source: Philippine News Agency