PBBM enjoys high approval, trust scores

More Filipinos appreciate and trust President Ferdinand Marcos Jr., according to the 2022 PAHAYAG Third Quarter Survey released by PUBLiCUS Asia Inc. on Friday.


The September 16 to 20 survey results showed 62 percent of 1,500 respondents appreciated Marcos’ work performance, while 58 percent said they trust the Chief Executive.


The same survey also found that 56 percent of Filipinos perceived Marcos as someone who “upholds the law”.


Fifty-three percent of the respondents also believed that Marcos “does not abuse authority” and is “pro-poor, while 50 percent viewed the President as a “responsible” leader.


Around 51 percent were also convinced that the country’s current state is “strong.”


PUBLiCUS noted that 71 percent of the respondents expressed confidence that the country is heading toward the “right direction,” while 65 percent are optimistic that the Philippine economy will improve by the fourth quarter of 2022.


Based on the survey, about 88 percent of the respondents backed the use of renewable energy.


Public approval was also high in terms of penalizing text spammers and scammers (87 percent), continuing the EDSA Carousel free bus rides (78 percent), providing assistance to the marginalized sector (77 percent), and banning sexual offenders from teaching (76 percent).


Seventy-two percent of the respondents showed appreciation for the implementation of hybrid work arrangements, while 71 percent expressed support for the full implementation of face-to-face classes in November.


The PUBLiCUS’ latest poll also revealed that the most important issues that must be addressed by Marcos include the economy (23 percent), corruption (12 percent), poverty (11 percent), inflation (11 percent), and job creation (10 percent).


In another survey conducted by private polling firm Pulse Asia on September 17 to 21, Marcos also enjoyed high approval scores for handling urgent national issues in the country.


The nationwide survey said the Marcos administration earned “majority approval ratings” on 11 of the 13 issues.


The current administration received high approval for responding to the needs of calamity-hit areas and controlling the spread of Covid-19 (78 percent each), promoting peace in the country (69 percent), protecting the overseas Filipino workers’ welfare (68 percent), fighting criminality (67 percent), and enforcing the law (62 percent).


It also posted a 59-percent approval score both for creating more jobs and increasing workers’ pay.


Around 58 percent expressed appreciation for the government’s efforts to fight graft and corruption, 57 percent approved initiatives to protect the environment, and 52 percent lauded efforts to defend the country’s territorial integrity.


However, Pulse Asia found that the Marcos administration registered a lower 42-percent rating on the issue of controlling inflation and a 39-percent score on poverty reduction.


Source: Philippines News Agency