New Zambo mayor orders FOI implementation, adopts open policy

Domestic Affairs

Newly-elected Mayor John Dalipe issued an executive order mandating the implementation of the Freedom of Information (FOI) and adoption of an open governance policy here.

Dalipe, who assumed office Thursday, said transparency in governance is pursuant to the 1987 Constitution, “particularly Section 28, Article 2, requiring the State, subject to reasonable conditions, to adopt and implement a policy of full public disclosure of all its transactions involving public interest.”

Dalipe also pointed to an existing ordinance providing for a local mechanism for people’s right to information, which he said should be “respected and upheld.”

Social media, the mayor said, has brought a new era where modern technology bridges the gap in communications, allowing people to “actively participate on matters pertaining to the disbursement of public funds.”

Dalipe ordered the City’s Public Information Division to establish an FOI Transparency Board and online platforms to publish and make these public and official records, as well as the local government’s projects, programs and activities, readily available to the public.

Earlier, Dalipe said all bidding processes of city government projects will be aired live on social media and other information platforms.

Source: Philippines News Agency