Zubiri as Senate president ‘would know what to do’

Reelected Senator Juan Miguel Zubiri will do well as his replacement in the 19th Congress, outgoing Senate President Vicente Sotto III said on Monday.

Sotto said Zubiri has learned so much and all those lessons will give him "a very good pulse" to run the Senate.

"He was the best choice as far as the members of the majority are concerned because of his vast experience. I expect him to do well," Sotto said in an interview.

Zubiri will serve as Senate President Pro Tempore effective June 30 and will be the Acting Senate President from July 1 to 25.

Sotto also trusts Zubiri to resolve the looming rivalry on who will chair the Blue Ribbon Committee.

Sotto said issues in the Senate are inclined to settle on their own.

"The Senate is like water. It seeks its own level. I think the problem will resolve itself," he said.

Zubiri offered the committee chairmanship to Senator Francis Tolentino, who gladly accepted it.

However, returning Senator Allan Peter Cayetano said he will join the majority only if he will be given the chance to lead the Blue Ribbon Committee.

Zubiri said he would need to consult the majority first on the request of Cayetano.

Source: Philippines News Agency

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