(YEARENDER) President Duterte inspires DOLE-6 to fight for service tenure of private workers

The regional office of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) gets renewed vigor to fight for the service tenure of employees working under the labor only contracting (LOC) working arrangement under the term of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte (PRRD).

DOLE Western Visayas OIC-director Salome O. Siaton said that President Duterte showed how serious the government is in ensuring that workers get the privilege and benefit they deserve in accordance with the Labor Law.

As of their latest count, DOLE has accounted 851 employees regularized by 32 agencies, another 590 are committed and they are following up one company with almost a thousand staff to regularize around 100 before the year ends while the rest will be done on a staggered basis in 2017.

DOLE eyes a 50 percent reduction in labor only contracting in December this year and end the contractualization practice in 2017.

Record at the regional office showed 118 legitimate or registered sub-contractors in Western Visayas. Their employees totaled 11,914 fielded in 483 principal employees in the region.

Siaton said that they do not just rely on information provided to them by employers or contractors. A revalidation is conducted to really determine if they are regularized, she said.

Most of those regularized are based in Iloilo and Boracay while Roxas City has eight.

The labor department started its campaign around middle of August this year through a series of consultations with various employers and contractors in the region.

"We are serious," she said, adding that those who have no plans to comply will be endorsed to the National Labor Relations Commission (NLRC).

Labor processing of registration of new applicant-contractor or sub-contractor as mandated under Department Order no. 162, series of 2016 has been suspended. Although contracts entered into by duly registered contractors/sub-contractors prior to the issuance of the order are not affected.

While the drive is massive, Siaton said that they found it difficult to get hold of the service contract between the principal and the agency. The contract will determine how long the services are being contracted, which supposedly should also serve as basis for the period of hiring of workers by the agency or a particular company.

Siaton said that they prayed that they will be able to fully achieve the target, especially with the proposed Department Order 30 that provides a new set of guidelines on contractual labor.

Among others the new guidelines proposed to increase the capitalization of contractors from Php3 million to Php5 million.

Source: Philippines News Agency

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