Upstage's Sociopolitical play ends the month

UPSTAGE (University of the Philippines Theatre Arts Guild for Education), the longest-running performing group of UP Cebu, will end the month of March with an original Bisaya production “Payag Huwatanan” (Waiting Shed).

Mounted by an entire ensemble of student artists and writers, the play will stage a story that stimulates a different level of contemplation and recreates the draining process of waiting.

The play follows the lives of a group of strangers, set at a solitary shed on a desolate stretch of road, who suffer a delay after the province’s sole passenger bus overheats. As the waiting game begins, each individual is visited with the struggles of their past, coupled with their lurking fears of failure and disappointment.

A grueling exchange occurs among the group until they are forced to frame out a wild decision -- and it’s left to each and every one of them if they close the deal.

The Bisaya production, under the tutelage of Cebuana theatre stalwart Ligaya Rabago, renders a subtle sociopolitical attack and addresses the citizenry for an active involvement in the upcoming elections.

In the direction of students El Nino Papillero and Ruthy Valdez, "Payag Huwatanan" will raise the curtain of the UP Cebu Performing Arts Hall on March 30, 2016 at 9 a.m., 2 p.m. and 6 p.m.

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