Update in AFP’s urban warfare doctrine now ongoing

MANILA-- With the end of the Marawi City crisis now in the offing, Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) announced that it is now updating its urban warfare doctrine.

This was one of the orders of AFP chief-of-staff Gen. Eduardo AAo as he instructed military commanders in the Marawi frontlines to file reports on their observations and experiences during the battle against the Maute Group terrorists who attacked the city last May 23.

"These could serve as the basis of creating or crafting a new doctrine pursuant to what we have learn in these (urban warfare) operations in Marawi," AFP public affairs office chief Col. Edgard Arevalo said.

Urban warfare refers to fighting inside heavily-populated areas, using buildings, houses and other areas, as concealment points, for attack against conventional military units.

Usually, the guerilla or terrorists force is more incline to participate in this kind of warfare due to their disregard for human life, private and public property.

Sniping and used of improvised explosive devices and booby-traps are also a predominant feature of this type of fighting.

As of this posting, terrorists killed in the three month campaign are placed at 522 along with 119 government troops killed and 45 civilians executed.

Remaining Maute Group fighters are estimated to be around "40 to 60" as of this time.

Source: Philippines News Agency

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