(Update) Civilian killed, 2 others abducted in series of NPA attacks in Bukidnon

MANILA--- New People's Army (NPA) rebels, posing as NBI agents and soldiers, attacked Talakag town in Bukidnon, killing one civilian and abducting two persons, including one police officer, early Thursday morning.

In Barangay Tikalaan, the rebels also stole five motorcycles, burned four heavy equipment units and a generator set, said 4th Infantry Division public affairs office chief Capt. Joe Patrick Martinez.

Initial reports indicated that the NPAs managed to make their approach undetected by boarding two dump trucks and one L-300 van before heading straight towards the home of Lito Siagan Atoy whom them abduct at gunpoint.

The rebels then took the victim to Kilometer 28 of Barangay Tikalaan.

The incident happened hours after the NPA carted away two dump trucks owned by Mindanao Rock Corporation.

Meanwhile, at around 6 a.m. other NPA members conducting checkpoint along the highway in Kilometer 28 flagged down and snatched a police officer identified as PO2 Anthony Natividad of the Kalilangan Municipal Police Station and another unidentified individual.

Aside from the two victims, the rebels also stole five motorcycles from motorists passing in the area.

"At around 7 a.m., the NPA burned down the two dump trucks, one generator set, and another two heavy equipment, 1 mixer and 1 backhoe, that are also owned by Mindanao Rock Corporation, in Km 28. Said equipment are used to construct the roads in that area," Martinez said.

"Hours later, they (NPA) decided to kill Mr. Atoy at the same location, after which they withdrew towards the direction of Lanao Del Sur bringing along with them their two captives," he added.

Pursuit operations are still ongoing as of this posting. (PNA)

Source: Philippines information agency

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