Trump administration to introduce new healthcare plan to US citizens by 2018

MOSCOW-- The administration of US President Donald Trump will introduce a new healthcare plan instead of Obamacare by 2018, Trump said.

Trump said in his interview with the Fox News channel late on Sunday that the process may "take some time into next year," explaining that developing the plan is "very complicated".

"We are putting in a wonderful plan. I think that yes, I would like to say by the end of the year. But we should have something within the year and the following year," Trump stated.

He called Obamacare reform a "disaster" and underlined that it "doesn't work".

On Jan. 20, the inauguration day, Trump signed an executive order on Obamacare, giving individual US states a choice - keep Obamacare or provide alternate coverage while receiving the same subsidies from the federal government.

The document states that the current US administration remains committed to repealing the law, which is said to have expanded health insurance coverage to about 20 million Americans.

Obamacare, or Affordable Care Act, is a signature health reform initiative of former President Barack Obama. It relies on government-run exchanges in which insurance companies sell policies to individuals and families that lack employer-provided health insurance plans.

Source: Philippines News Agency

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