Traslacion 2017: Manila’s street sweepers ready to collect trash at procession’s tail end, says mayor

Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada has appealed to the millions of Black Nazarene devotees to dispose of their trash properly, even though street sweepers have been ready since Saturday to clear the roads of tons of garbage left behind by the millions who join the annual procession.

"They should think of cleanliness and orderliness and respect for the sake of our Creator. We Filipinos are known for cleanliness as we often say cleanliness is next to Godliness. We all know we are a God-loving people," he said.

As the procession painstakingly winds its way back towards Quiapo Church, the mayor said a contingent of 600 street sweepers belonging to the Department of Public Services (DPS) and Task Force Manila Cleanup are trailing behind to clean up and collect the trash left behind by the devotees.

The "sweeper" team is reinforced by a new street sweeper truck procured by the city government to intensify the pre- and post-Traslacion cleanup operations of the city government.

The specialized vehicle has rotating brushes and high-capacity vacuum suction to collect dirt, garbage and debris.

Source: Philippines News Agency

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