Traitors all

Noynoy’s insistence that the Edca is an executive agreement in which the Senate should play no part as it is not a treaty, may get him impeached, so said Sen. Miriam Santiago, which is probably accurate.
But the reality is that Noynoy will hardly fear being impeached, and one can bet that any impeachment complaint filed against him will die a natural death in the House of Representatives.
This is the reason Noynoy and his administrators do what they please even when it goes against the Constitution.
But if Noynoy truly believes that the Edca is an executive agreement,can stand scrutiny and hold up in any court of law, especially the Supreme Court, why does he then refuse to have the Senate decide whether or not the Edca passes as an executive agreement and not a treaty that has to be ratified by the Senate, as the Constitution mandates?
But already, Noynoy’s lapdogs in the Senate, led by its chief, Frank Drilon, are saying this early that there is no need for the Senate to seek from Malacañang its submission of the Edca, echoing Noynoy’s claim of the Edca being a mere executive agreement and within the realm of the powers of the President to exercise.
It was being claimed much earlier by Noynoy and his administration toadies that with the Edca, the US will be coming to our defense, which already has been proven to be an untruth, given the fact that the US has never come to the country’s defense — not over the claimed territory of Sabah, or even over the disputed territories in the South China Sea and this US presence, with its bases in defense of the Philippines is being defended as just an extension of the Mutual Defense Treaty we have with the US, as claimed by the Solicitor-General.
The Edca is even worse than the bases treaty we had for years which was rejected by the Senate in the Nineties. Then the Americans were paying the Philippine government rent. In the Edca version, not only will the US not pay any rent but whatever is built by way of the American bases — which the Noynoy government hypocritically terms as Philippine bases under the operational control of the Philippine authorities — will have the Philippine Government paying back the US for whatever the cost of building those bases once the parties agree to end the agreement---if it does end at all since the US won’t cut this off, having everything rent-free and having too, full operational control of these bases.
Worst, it is pure hypocrisy for the Sol-Gen, in defending the Edca, to state that the bases to be used by the Americans will be under the operational control of the Philippine authorities.
There was never a time in the past and even up to now, where the Philippine authorities ever had any operational control over the American bases — whether it was Clark, Subic or Camp John Hay bases. It was always under full American control and this is despite the fact that the old bases agreeement with the US also had this proviso.
Even today, under the existing Visiting Forces Agreement the fiction of temporary basing rights and temporary presence of foreign troops is just that — pure fiction. American bases in Zamboanga and elsewhere are under the full control of the US and these are permanent bases. Truth to tell, the Philippine defense chiefs can’t even tell these Americans that they would be inspecting these bases and just enter the premises anytime they please.
Heck, not even when these US warships come over for a so-called port call, the US troops never bother to go through any immigration process in this country, which means the Philippines can’t even keep track of how many Americans have been stationed longer than “temporary” and after a brief R and R, come back to the Philippines. That’s enough for troops to be categorized as permanent.
Moreover, even as the Constitution states very clearly on the nuclear ban issue, these warships aren’t even being inspected by the Philippine authorities, and yet, the Solgen has the nerve to claim that the bases will always be under the country’s operational control.
Noynoy has been selling this country down the river too many times and this he has gotten away with because of his puppet brown nosing members of Congress.
And they call themselves patriots and true Filipinos?
Traitors all.

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