Time to focus on economy: Lacson

MANILA Now that President Rodrigo Duterte himself denied that he has cancer, politicians, especially the opposition, should now train their focus on the pressing problems facing the country, Senator Panfilo Lacson said Wednesday.

In an interview at the Senate, Lacson said while the state of health of the President is of national interest, speculations should already stop with the announcement that Duterte is healthy.

He clarified na (that is) free siya from cancer and he's healthy. So while it is so provided in the Constitution na dapat (should) made public ang state of health ng Presidente kasi kasama sa (of the President because it is included in the) national interest, that's it, he said.

They already publicly announced na wala naman siya (that he has no), hindi siya (that he is not) cancerous, Lacson added.

President Duterte on Tuesday said he is cancer-free, a few days after revealing he recently underwent endoscopy at a private hospital to check the "growth" found in his digestive tract. The growth was found to be benign.

Prior to his announcement, Palace officials have assured the public that Duterte is not affected with a serious illness.

Meanwhile, for those still in doubt about Duterte's well-being, Lacson added that seeing the President in public and attending to the functions of the Presidency should be enough to dispel any notion of a very-ill Chief Executive.

Kung indisposed siya, doon tayo magkaroon ng concern. And if we are not being told anything at di natin nakikita sa public ang President, then something must be wrong and we should demand MalacaAang na dapat magbigay ng bulletin (If he is indisposed, then we should be concerned. And if we are not being told anything and we don't see the president in public, then something must be wrong and we should demand that MalacaAang issue a bulletin), he said.

Pero ang nakita natin, very visible ang President (But what we see is that the President is very visible), Lacson said.

He said the best action to be taken now is to focus on the problems facing the country.

I think we should more focus on the bigger problem rather than side issues like talking about the president's health, when in fact we can see him functioning, Lacson said. (PNA)

Source: Philippine News Agency

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