TESDA GAD session to empower women in tech-voc

MANILAThe Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) will hold a gender and development (GAD) seminar on Dec. 4-6 in Makati City to boost the concept among its staff and at the same time encourage more women to join the sector used to be dominated by men and feel empowered.

Expected to participate are employees from the 17 TESDA regional offices to strengthen GAD in technical vocational education and training (TVET), as well as empower the agency's GAD focal personnel.

"The main goal of GAD in TVET is focused on the formation of gender equality, so that more women will be encouraged to participate in technical vocational education and training," a TESDA statement read.

Expected in the activity are a film screening, workshop on "gender analysis and gender mainstreaming," and group exercises.

According to TESDA, it has been conducting this type of seminar since 2013, also to strengthen the functionality of its GAD focal point system executive committee, which is being chaired by TESDA Secretary Isidro Lapena.

The agency believes that achieving a gender-fair TVET will only be realized "through accelerating TESDA's gender mainstreaming endeavors."

Gender equality will encourage more women to participate in TVET, it added.

Holding this kind of seminar will help the agency promote gender equality and women economic empowerment, TESDA reiterated.

TESDA announced on Sunday that all its offices need to intensify its GAD plans and budgets, to make relevant changes felt among all stakeholders.

Apart from strengthening the gender analysis and policies related to GAD planning and budgeting, TESDA will also draft its GAD plan for 2020, and formulate a budget based on the agency's 5-year GAD agenda. (PR)

Source: Philippine News Agency

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