T'boli chants highlighted in Milan's prestigious multimedia installation (Philippine Star)

MANILA, Philippines – The spotlight was on the Philippines in Yuval Avital’s Alma Mater interpretation of Michelangelo Pistoletti’s Il Terzo Paradiso (The Third Paradise), with the performance of three generations of T’boli women as the highlight of Avital’s multimedia masterpiece held at the La Fabbrica del Vapore on August 15 and 16.

Composer, classical guitarist and multimedia artist Yuval Avital is considered as one of Italy’s most innovative talents of the contemporary music scene.

The Israeli-born artist’s works spread from huge sonic events for numerous performers to demanding orchestral and chamber compositions, from icon/sonic operas which include side by side classical musicians, electronics, visuals and traditional carriers of ancient cultures, to highly technological projects.

An important role in his works is the study and collaboration with living ancient musical traditions, which had given birth to concerts involving the nomads of Kazakhstan, the Samaritan cantors, the Ethiopian Ques and the Southeast Asian gong and bamboo traditions called Karagatan which he composed in the Philippines. He connects traditions, cultures and art forms with no barriers, always putting great passion and profound study to reach new creative and poetic forms of synthesis.

“My awareness and deep appreciation of the richness of Philippine arts and culture, particularly the vocal forms in different indigenous communities, really encouraged me to plan for this special activity featuring three T’boli women of different generations of grandmother, mother and daughter, who are recognized chanters and dancers in their communities in Alma Mater,” Mr. Avital said.

The curated performance of the three T’boli women was also highlighted by the participation of Filipino grandmothers based in Milan who rendered different chants and prayers in their dialects.

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Produced by Mr. Avital’s Maga Global Arts foundation, in collaboration with the Philippine National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) and the Philippine Consulate General in Milan, the Philippine component of Alma Mater also featured a Sinulog street parade and a performance of the Singkil to further highlight Filipino tribal traditions.

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