Tagle to wash feet of 12 youths on Maundy Thursday

MANILA � Manila Archidocese Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle will wash the feet of 12 young people with different backgrounds and experiences as part of the Holy Week rites on Maundy Thursday in Manila.

According to Manila Cathedral Vice Rector Fr. Kali Llamado, the participants include students, first-time voters and volunteers, among others.

They were chosen in line with the Year of the Youth, celebrated by the Church in the Philippines this year, and in view of the coming midterm election on May 13.

The washing of the feet to be headed by Cardinal Tagle. Dahil celebration ng Year of the Youth. May angle na election dahil may first time voter, volunteer, he said.

The activity will recreate the washing of the feet of the 12 apostles by Jesus Christ during the Last Supper.

Meanwhile, Fr. Reggie Malicdem, rector of the Manila Cathedral, said they are prepared for the Holy Week.

At the same, the Manila Cathedral official reminded devotees that security measures are being implemented during the occasion.

"On ordinary days even if it's not Holy Week, when you go to the cathedral, you don't need to be checed, you can go to various areas. Now, there are areas that are not open to the public since," he said.

On Sunday, Roman Catholics around the world started the Holy Week activities to commemorate the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus. (PNA)

Source: Philippines News Agency

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