Tagle gets swab test at Red Cross before flying back to Vatican

Manila Archbishop Emeritus Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle underwent a swab test at the Philippine Red Cross (PRC) bio-molecular laboratory in Mandaluyong City on Thursday as a requirement before flying back to the Vatican City in Rome.


PRC chairman and chief executive officer Senator Richard Gordon, who also had his regular swab test, joined Tagle, Prefect of the Vatican Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples and president of Caritas Internationalis, during the procedure.


Tagle, who tested positive for Covid-19 last Sept. 10 upon his arrival in Manila from Rome, thanked the swabbers, medical technologists, volunteers, and staff of the Red Cross, and then prayed for their health and safety.


“I am very proud of what you do. It is important that they feel the care, that they are not just a case, but they are human beings,” he said.


Gordon, on the other hand, wished the former Manila Archbishop good health as Tagle will soon fly back to the Vatican to continue his obligations as a cardinal-bishop.


“I wish Cardinal Tagle good health and more strength with each coming day and guidance from our Lord as he continues his mission to the Vatican,” Gordon said.


Before leaving the laboratory, Tagle blessed the PRC facility.


Source: Philippines News Agency


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