Students now exempted from paying airport terminal fees

MANILA Starting August, students are exempted from paying terminal fees in all airports operated by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP).

In a memorandum signed by CAAP Director-General Jim Sydiongco last July 26, he directed all airport managers to exempt students (from nursery to college, including those enrolled in Trade, Arts, and technical vocational schools) from paying terminal fee.

However, those enrolled in dancing, driving schools, culinary arts and seminar-type short term courses, and students taking up Medicine, Law, masters and doctorate degrees, could not avail of this privilege.

For those who have already paid the terminal fee at point of sale of airline ticket, they can seek for a refund at Malasakit Centers (Malasakit Help Desks) located inside the airport.

Students must fill up the application form for Student Exemption Certificate. A photocopy of a student ID or current school registration card will also be required.

Once the student secures his or her Student Exemption Certificate, this shall be presented to the CAAP representative, along with his or her boarding pass and ticket itinerary receipt.

CAAP operates 42 commercial airports in the country. (PNA)

Source: Philippines News Agency

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