SSS supports mandatory display of Filipino artworks in business establishments

QUEZON CITY-- The Social Security System will support the call for mandatory display of Filipino artworks in business establishments, Social Security Commission (SSC) Chairman Amado D. Valdez said.

During SSS' 152nd art exhibit, Art Discovery and Learning Foundation, Inc. President Fernando B. Sena has called for the mandatory display of artworks of Filipino artists in government and private establishments in the country.

"We are asking for the support of SSC Chairman Valdez in lobbying this idea of directing all establishments in the country such as hotels, hospitals, malls and government offices to display and buy artworks of Filipino artists especially those who are starting in this financially-challenging world of artistry," Sena said.

"Of course we are grateful to establishments that have allowed budding artists to exhibit their works to the public, but, we are also asking for further support to promote and market their creations," Sena added.

Responding to the call, Valdez said the SSS is in full support of Sena advocacy to showcase the talents of Filipino artists so they may develop their talents and at the same time, promote art within the lower and middle level of society.

SSS recently held its monthly art exhibit dubbed with the theme of "Simplicity" featuring the masterpieces of the artists of Freedom Art Society.

"Contrary to its title, today's showcase is more than just a simple display o artworks that convey meaningful and intricate messages. Thru this, our featured artists wish to share the goodness and beauty of the visual arts through their paintings," Valdez said during the event.

"Art is a reminder that God forgives us. The cup of coffee, on the other, reminds us how senior citizens, retires comfortably when it's time to rest. That one cup of coffee is a proof of freedom and liberation from hardships. I want all artists to be SS members so when the time comes, they are financially and socially secured," Valdez added.

Sena added that while the motive of the advocacy was to promote Filipino craftsmanship through visual arts, it will also aid budding artists to save for their future through SSS.

"We welcome the support of Chair Valdez. In return, the artists themselves will voluntary pay their contributions in SSS so they will be covered by the pension fund and will be secured in times of sickness, death and even retirement," Sena said.

As part of the tradition, Freedom Arts Society artist Arnel Danga donated his artwork titled "Patanim" to SSS Gallery ought to be displayed in the pension fund's head office.

The Gallery is located at the second floor of the Social Security System's main building and was inaugurated during the SSS' 43rd anniversary on September 1, 2000. It is the venue for budding artists and art professionals to express their artistry, exchange ideas and talents, and have an opportunity to further their craft. It is also a showroom of SSS' memorabilia through the years - a repository for SSS' past, present and future aspirations for its employees, members and their beneficiaries.

The Gallery will continue to hold its monthly exhibits as part of its mission to help artists develop their talents and at the same time, to promote art within the lower and middle level of society. The Art community now considers the SSS Collection of Arts and Antiques Gallery as one of the best galleries in the Philippines.

Source: Philippines Information Agency

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