South Korean Journalists to Visit Philippines After Leaving Sultanate (BruDirect (Brunei))

The South Korean journalists visiting the country departed yesterday for their next destination, the Republic of the Philippines. The journalists led by the Third Secretary at the Ministry of Home Affairs, Republic of Korea, Hwang Gyutae were in the country as part of an Asean Engagement Programme called the Asean-Korea Media Exchange Programme.

In an interview with the leader, Hwang Gyutae said that the experiences they have obtained during their stay in the country were quite valuable. Not only could it enhance their understanding on the country’s background, culture, industries and others, but the visit also provided them thern opportunities in extending cooperation between both countries in the future.

He further explained that the delegates were very impressed with the beauty of the country and they appreciated the knowledge and experience obtained from the visits to various government ministries, departments and media organisations.

“A four-day visit is not enough for us to explore more of Brunei. We hope in the next programme we could visit longer so that we could communicate or work together with Bruneian journalists in terms of experience sharing, reporting and so on,” he said.

“In Korea, our journalists are very competitive. They want to be distinguished from others and produce the latest and sensational news. They are busy getting news from various mediums. Maybe because Brunei is a small country, the journalists know each other and cooperate well. I like the way they collaborate,” he added.

The delegates were in the country from September 6 to 9. During their visit, they visited the Information Department, Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, Radio Televisyen Brunei (RTB), Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and other media organisations.

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