Solon scores telcos disinformation campaign on country’s internet woes

1PACMAN Representative Eric Pineda cautioned the two giant telecommunications to be factual in their information campaigns regarding the problem of slow internet in the Philippines and instead institute the needed actions to address the dismal state of the country's telecommunications.

"It should be made clear that the real reason behind the slow internet speed is the failure of the telcos to cope with their rising number of subscribers which suggest among others, their reluctance to spend for infrastructures to improve their services," Pineda said scoring the need for telcos to tap more on their capital expenditure provisions than enriching the owners of these public service entities. "It seems to us that Smart and Globe are more for profit than for service when they continue to accept more subscribers which their facilities cannot efficiently accommodate."

"While we understand that many of the permits required for them to put up the needed cell sites seem unreasonable, we cannot discount the fact that this claim may just be an afterthought or worse a lame excuse as they could have called the attention of the government long ago," added the neophyte party list representative pointing that these permit requirements have been there twenty-five (25) years ago and it baffles Congress that it is only now that these telcos raise this concern.

"Instead of them spending on these disinformation campaigns calculated to put the blame on these permit requirements, I would rather that they use these funds and such other moneys supposedly earmarked for capital expenditures, to improve their facilities and address their backlogs in cell sites," stated Pineda as he calls on a halt on telcos spending for advertisement and focusing on the more important aspect of constructing the needed 26,000 cell sites to attain the ideal 1000 subscriber per cell site ratio.

On August 16, 2016, Congressman Pineda delivered a privilege speech calling on Smart and Globe to shape up or face sanctions. He has since threatened the telecommunication giants that he will do everything within his powers as a legislator and member of Congress to block the renewal of their franchises should they fail to make good their service to subscribers and to the public as a whole.

Source: House of Representatives

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