Snowstorm hits northeastern US, more than 100,000 residents without power

More than 100,000 residents living in New England, northeastern part of the United States, are without power on Friday due to heavy snowfall and harsh winds which also leave roads there a slippery, hazardous mess.

"It went from just a garden-variety, low-pressure system to a turbocharged storm," meteorologist Eric Schwibs said of the snowstorm beginning on Thursday through Friday morning.

The US National Weather Service on Friday recorded some 27 inches of snow in parts of Maine and more than 17 inches of snow in Mount Washington, New Hampshire, which is the highest peak in the northeast of the country. Local officials at Mount Washington said there was "considerable danger" of an avalanche.

Meanwhile, residents of the Pacific Northwest braced for another round of weather expected to bring rain to southern California and more snow to the Great Lakes and New England, local media reported.

In the first few days of 2017, parts of the Plains, Midwest and Northeast across the country can expect a "wintry mess of snow, sleet and freezing rain", according to The Weather Underground.

By Monday, snow, sleet or freezing rain is likely into the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, with sleet or freezing rain from northern Pennsylvania to New York and, by Monday, into New England, said a report from the USA Today.

By Tuesday, snow, heavy at times, is likely to pound parts of the northern Plains, upper Midwest and northern Great Lakes in the country, said the report.

Source: Philippines News Agency

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