SIMEX announces partnership with Prime Trust Company

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American Retail Group Inc. (aka Simex Inc.), the public corporation organized in the State of Nevada, USA

LAS VEGAS, Aug. 16, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Prime Trust is a US financial institution and chartered trust company registered in the state of Nevada that provides SEC qualified custodian and escrow services, as well as standard and custom trust services partnered with SIMEX, a US multifunctional digital assets exchange platform.

Vissilli Oxenuk, President of SIMEX says:
“Our cooperation with Prime Trust will allow us to empower SIMEX as multifunctional platform specializing in various services for work with cryptocurrencies and tokens, to provide customers with a greater security and reliability, to expand geography of partners involved in transactions, to provide institutional investors with additional investment opportunities with high securities and reliability of transactions. The fact that all transactions provided by Prime Trust are under SEC Regulations should give our clients more confidence in making SIMEX the main tool in their work in the cryptocurrency industry”.

Scott Purcell, CEO of Prime Trust stated:
“Our services are in demand and can work for the benefit of customers who need high reliability and security of transactions particularly in the emerging and developing of the industry of economy – cryptocurrency and digital assets. We planned to develop and expand our services to serve all participants in the blockchain-industry, we hope that our partnership with SIMEX will allow it to reach new heights in its business”.

About SIMEX: American Retail Group Inc. (aka Simex Inc.) is a public US corporation registered in the state of  Nevada, providing a multifunctional digital assets exchange platform that offers services for listing digital assets, cryptocurrency trades, issuance of prepaid SIMEX Black Master Cards, servicing both in the digital currency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.) and in fiat money.

About Prime Trust: Prime Trust LLC is a private US trust company registered in the state of Nevada, providing SEC qualified custodian and escrow services, both for fiat money transactions and bitcoin, Ethereum and ERC20 tokens.

Contact information:
Headquarters: 2770 S Maryland Pkw, Suite 300 Las Vegas, NV 89109