Senator pushes for SSS pension hike in Senate

Senator Antonio "Sonny" F. Trillanes has re-filed the bill seeking to increase the current Social Security System pension rate, through Senate Bill No. 91.

Trillanes stated "It has been 19 years since the last SSS pension increase was implemented through Republic Act 8282. Since the law's enactment and with the cost of living expenses having considerably increased over time, however, the meager amount of monthly pension of our SSS pensioners, who are old and mostly suffering from various medical conditions, has become inadequate to support their monthly food sustenance and maintenance medicines. Moreover, pensioners who retired after the effectivity of RA 8282 are even more struggling because they are receiving smaller amounts of monthly pension."

Under SBN 91, all SSS pensioners shall receive an across-the-board increase of Two Thousand Pesos (Php 2,000.00), regardless of the effectivity of their retirement.

"We had the opportunity to provide relief to our pensioners last Congress by passing a legislation that would increase their monthly pension. The measure, however, was not signed into law. With this re-filed measure, we hope to finally provide support to our pensioners through this long overdue increase in their pension," Trillanes added.

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Source: The Philippine Information Agency

'Babaenihan' launching boosts investment on young girls' well-being - See more at:

In line with the observance of the World Population Day 2016 on Monday, the need for the united commitment in ensuring success in investing for the future of Filipino teenage girls became the focus of the launching of 'Babaenihan' at the Rizal Memorial Coliseum in Malate, Manila.

Derived from the Filipino words "babae" (woman) and "bayanihan" (community unity and cooperation), "Baaenihan" calls national attention to issues affecting the future of young women.

This year, the World Population Day carries the theme "Investing in Teenage Girls," with specific focus on young girls' rights to access quality education, youth-friendly health care, and decent employment to ensure a brighter future for them and the Philippines as a nation.

The occasion was highlighted by revealing of "commitments on murals" to ensure that young girls will be assured of the protection of their rights on education and reproductive health to broaden their opportunities for future development.

It also marked the call for stakeholders to work together to expand opportunities for girls through investments in their education, health, and well-being.

Present in the launching event were officials from the Department of Health (DOH), United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), and National Youth Commission (NYC), the Commission on Population, among others.

Vice President Leni Robredo, represented by her daughter Aika Robredo, was the keynote speaker who emphasized that there is a proper time and place to prioritize love among the young students and teachers present in the occasion.

DOH Secretary Dr. Paulyn Jean Rosell-Ubial, represented by Undersecretary Dr. Gerardo Bayugo, on the other hand, assured that the Department is strengthening its efforts in making the health facilities adolescent-friendly.

UNFPA Country Representative Klaus Beck said that focus among young girls is vital because they are the ones facing the challenges. He said that girls should be given the right to choose when they want to get married. He noted that unfortunately, even if not married early, some girls get pregnant, not by choice but by chance. He warned that because a young girl's body is not yet ready to carry a baby, she may suffer difficult condition even to the point of dying.

Beck observed that in the Philippines, 13.6 percent of all 15 to 19 years old girls are either pregnant or have a child. By the age of 19, almost four in 10 girls are, or will soon become mothers. He said that getting pregnant at that age can lead to dropping out of school and they may miss the opportunities to finish high school or college. Beck further said that without education and poor health can derail the future of the said young girls.

He added that empowering the said young sectors is important because through that, they can make the right choices, realize dreams and reach full potentials.

Other key people and organizations present in the occasion included Sen. Sherwin Gatchalian and NYC Chair Earl Saavedra.

Dr. Juan Antonio Perez, executive director of the Commission on Population, was also present and made a concluding statement.

The launching was also made more easier to understand among the students by placing a portion wherein they can ask questions about sexuality, relationship and self-esteem as part of influencing them to make the right choices and better future that can help them achieve their dreams and have better future.

Teachers and health workers were also present in the occasion to help them understand their roles to the young ones towards achieving the common goal together that can lead to better future among the young centered on well-planned future.

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Source: The Philippine Information Agency

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