Senate to prioritize Security of Tenure bill

MANILA Senate President Vicente Sotto III on Friday said they would refile and prioritize the Security of Tenure bill in the 18th Congress.

Sotto, however, said he was crestfallen over President Rodrigo Duterte's decision to veto the measure.

"I'm crestfallen but that's how democracy works. And Congress being dynamic, can refile and repass the bill," Sotto told reporters in a text message.

The measure aims to prohibit all illegal employment schemes and subcontracting of Filipino workers.

In his veto message, Duterte assured that he still stands by his firm commitment to protect the workers' right to security of tenure by eradicating all forms of abusive employment practices.

Duterte, however, noted that the bill unduly broadens the scope and definition of prohibited labor-only contracting, effectively prescribing forms of contractualization that are not particularly unfavorable to the employees involved.

Indeed, while labor-only contracting must be prohibited, legitimate job-contracting should be allowed, provided that the contractor is well capitalized, has sufficient investments, and affords its employees all the benefits provided for under the labor laws, Duterte said.

Businesses should be allowed to determine whether they should outsource certain activities or not, especially when job-contracting will result in economy and efficiency in their operations, with no detriment to the workers regardless of whether this is directly related to their business, he added. (PNA)

Source: Philippines News Agency

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