Sen. Bam: Strengthen voice of DOST, Pinoy scientists on Benham Rise issue

Senator Bam Aquino plans to file a resolution to consult Filipino scientists and allow Department of Science and Technology (DOST) to provide updates on its ongoing research and exploration in Benham Rise, now known as Philippine Rise.

Sen. Bam, chairman of the Committee on Science and Technology, said the resolution aims to give DOST and Filipino scientists an avenue to present their research findings and future plans, as well as to inform the Committee of the resources and equipment necessary to explore the area.

"We want give our scientists and DOST a venue to make their case to the public and the administration on how they think the maritime research should proceed. Gusto nating marinig sa ating mga researchers ang kahalagahan ng Benham Rise at ang kanilang proposal para rito, " said Sen. Bam.

"Let's support our local scientists in their exploration missions and provide them with the resources they need. Huwag na natin anyayahan ang China at alam naman nating may pagnanasa sila sa ating likas na yaman," added Sen. Bam.

As part of Philippine territory, Sen. Bam insisted that Filipinos should be the ones to explore Philippine Rise, a 13-million-hectare underwater plateau thought to be rich in minerals and gas.

Earlier, Sen. Bam called on the government to tap the country's best scientists to conduct research and exploration of Benham Rise.

"Huwag nating maliitin ang kakayahan ng mga Pinoy scientist na magsagawa ng pananaliksik sa Benham Rise," said Sen. Bam.

In several interviews, Filipino scientists claimed that they have conducted several research and exploration in Benham Rise.

Source: Senate of the Philippines

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