SAP Go on senatorial bid: ‘I’m happy being Duterte’s janitor’

MANILA An impersonator of President Rodrigo R. Duterte on Monday teased the Chief Executive's top aide, Christopher Bong Go, that he should join the 2019 senatorial race.

Speaking over phone patch in a radio interview, the imitator Duterte quipped about going as far as raising Go's hand.

Itaas na ninyo ang kamay niyan. Itinaas ko na ang kamay niyan (You can raise his hand. I have already raised his hand), Duterte's impersonator said over radio DZRH.

The real Go, who was also being interviewed, quickly said he was already contented being the President's janitor as it was too early to think about running for senator.

I'll stay as janitor for the meantime. Let's not talk about being senator for now. I want to remain as janitor because it's better to be janitor, we're all around and we can help, like being an all around utility man, Go said in Filipino.

The Duterte impersonator meanwhile praised Go further by calling him a silent-doer.

He really prefers to work without any fanfare, the Duterte impersonator said.

The Duterte impersonator also said that Go has always had a heart for the masses.

Go has repeatedly said that he felt humbled by the real President Duterte's support as well as the public clamor for him to run in next year's midterm elections but said that he is still focused on his work as Duterte's top aide.

This is all I can say, I won't leave President Duterte. I'll be by his side at all times, Go said.

Source: Philippine News Agency

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