Sagay City steps up campaign against illegal mufflers

The city government of Sagay in Negros Occidental has intensified its campaign against the illegal use of open pipe motorcycle mufflers as part of the enforcement of a local ordinance and enhanced police managing operation.

Maj. Antonio Benitez, chief of Sagay City Police Station, said on Tuesday he is urging motorists to always follow traffic rules for their own safety and that of road users.

The program is part of our efforts in maintaining the peace and order, he added.

Since 2017, the local government and the city police have seized a total of 1,184 illegal mufflers, which were destroyed in a ceremony held at the grounds of Sagay City Government Center on Monday.

Benitez led the activity with Mayor Alfredo MaraAon III and Vice Mayor Narciso Javelosa Jr.

The illegal mufflers, which were confiscated from motorists who came from the cities of Bacolod, Escalante, Cadiz, Sagay, and the town of Toboso, were crushed using a road roller-compactor.

City Ordinance No. 2015-002 regulates the operation of motor vehicles with modified mufflers within the northern Negros city.

Violators will be fined from PHP500 to PHP5,000, and their motor vehicles could also be confiscated.

MaraAon said open pipe mufflers contribute to noise pollution and there is a need to minimize its use to also maintain road safety and order.

I urge Sagaynons to report to the authorities any motorist around the city who continue using it, he added.

Source: Philippines News Agency

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