Sagada reopens natural caves for trekking

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"Revenge tourists" or travelers whose trips have been held back by lockdowns due to the pandemic can finally marvel anew at the splendor of Sagada's famous natural caves after the town swung open its doors.

Municipal tourism officer Maria Teresa Abad on Friday urged tourists to register online via to generate a quick response (QR) code, which will be required at the border checkpoint upon entering the Sagada-Dantay Road from the national highway.

"We are now open. We have allowed two bus lines to transport tourists and locals from Baguio City," she said in Ilocano.

Abad said women who are in charge of the border checkpoint will also require tourists to be fully vaccinated and must show their vaccination cards, before being allowed to enter the place.

GL Trans and Coda Lines, which have scheduled daily trips, can accommodate fully vaccinated tourists.

Abad, however, clarified that for now, only the Sumaguing Cave, Lumiang Cave, and the Balangagan Cave have been opened to tourists for trekking.

She said the other destinations, meanwhile, are undergoing rehabilitation and thus are still closed to the public.

Abad said the local government made sure all establishments and tour guides were ready to take in tourists again before the decision to reopen the town was made.

Sagada, which continues to maintain its serene environment, has become a popular tourist destination, especially among foreigners.

Among its popular attractions are its caves, waterfalls, and hanging coffins. The town is also popular for its culture and tradition that people still practice now.

Source: Philippines News Agency