Roxas confident of winning

ADMINISTRATION standard bearer Manuel Roxas II said Friday the ruling Liberal Party's machinery would not translate into command votes that would propel him to victory in the presidential elections.

But he said the administration stalwarts had promised that the formidable "Daang Matuwid" would give him and his running mate Leni Robredo an extra 8 to 12 percentage points to secure a closely fought victory in this year's elections.

"The machinery does not translate to command votes," Roxas told reporters.

"There's no more command votes in the Philippines today, with Internet, with media, with information, there's no more so-called command vote."

Roxas said there was no need for him to change his strategy even as his numbers are yet to see a significant rise in the surveys.

"We're doing okay. You can see there are changes who leads in the surveys," he said.

"Meaning the support is soft. Ours is stable and solid. It didn't change."

Despite Roxas' earlier promise that he would soon lead the polls once the campaign started, his numbers have yet to see a significant rise as he has been trailing Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, Senator Grace Poe and Vice President Jejomar Binay in nearly all the presidential surveys.

Still, Iloilo Rep. Jerry TreAas believes Roxas can do it.

"A lot of things can happen in 24 days. None of the candidates have the political machinery that Mar and Leni have," TreAas said.

"LP's machinery can deliver an extra push for the administration candidates translatable to at least 8 to 12 percentage points."

While he has downplayed the existence of the command vote, Roxas said the local officials who were exemplifying the principles under the straight path would campaign for him and take him to victory.

"Officials will influence [voters] because they are helping them, because their leadership is reliable," Roxas said.

"And these officials will appeal [to the voters] to continue the straight path. The point is, we have someone to campaign for us on the ground, there are people who support us all over the country."

He added that while he was not leading now, he would be the "flavor of the month" come May 2016.

He slammed Senator Grace Poe for calling the Department of Interior and Local Government "weak" in fighting crime and illegal drugs.

Roxas said Poe made her statement without reviewing the efforts of the DILG and the Philippine National Police.

Source: The Standard

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