Roque opposes PhilHealth privatization

The suggested privatization of Philippine Health Insurance Corp. (PhilHealth) goes against the “very principle” of the Universal Health Care Law, Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque said Friday.


“I do not agree with privatization, because privatization goes against the very principle of Universal Health Care. Universal Health Care is distinguished from private health insurance because it is, number one, a discharge of state obligation to promote the right to health; and it is a commitment that although members will have to pay their dues, in reality, the dues will not be enough and the balance will, of course, be paid for by the government,” he said in an interview with CNN Philippines.


The official, one of the principal authors of the Universal Health Care Law, noted that his original version was to abolish PhilHealth and replace it with the National Health Service. His version, however, was not followed.


“I think by way of hindsight, all of this could have been avoided if the original version of my bill was followed – simply to abolish PhilHealth and replace it with the National Health Service,” he said.




Roque, meanwhile, confirmed that all PhilHealth executives with Salary Grade 26 and above were requested to file their courtesy resignations as part of the bid to reorganize the state health insurer.


“Attorney (Dante) Gierran knows that he does not have much time. And that’s why I think it was important for him to request all the senior executives to file their courtesy resignations because that’s the fastest way that he can reorganize,” he said.


Roque added that Malacanang supports the move and is confident Gierran has enough information to guide him on whose resignation to accept or reject.


Source: Philippines News Agency

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