Rising crime rate alarms CBCP chief (Philippine Star)

MANILA, Philippines – Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) president Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Socrates Villegas yesterday said he is alarmed by reports on the increasing crime rate.

“Who would not be concerned about the rising crimes? A crime is an offense versus human dignity, so we should always be worried about it,” Villegas said.

Data from the Philippine National Police (PNP)showed that a total of 885,445 crimes were reported from January to June. The figure is higher compared to the 603,085 incidents during the same period last year.

The crimes include theft, car theft, physical injury, murder, homicide and rape.

Villegas said the PNP is not solely responsible for ensuring peace and order.

He said parents, teachers, the military, government personnel and members of media should also do their part.

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“Fighting crime is not just the duty of one sector of society. It is the duty of every human being,” he said.

Asked whether the CBCP is worried that the crime rate would worsen with the upcoming elections, Villegas said the focus should be on the present problem.

“What is important is to attend to the crimes of today. Because if you project about rising crimes, you might miss attending to the crimes now,” he said.

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