Retired police officers back Robredo’s presidential bid

Human Rights

Some retired officers of the Philippine National Police (PNP) and former Philippine Constabulary officers have declared their support for the presidential candidacy of Vice President Leni Robredo.

In a manifesto of support released on Wednesday, around 60 retired police officers said they strongly support and endorse Robredo’s presidential bid, as they share her advocacies, particularly on matters pertaining to peace and order.

Among the signatories are former National Security Adviser Cesar Garcia, former PNP chief Ricardo Marquez, and former Presidential Anti-Organized Crime Commission Executive Director Reginald Villasanta, among others.

According to the manifesto, Robredo’s advocacies that are significant to the country’s internal security include continuing and intensifying the war against illegal drugs particularly on the drug lords, addressing the supply concern by concentrating law enforcement efforts on big-time traffickers, while reducing demand through education, rehabilitation of the users, and strengthening the family and communities as forefront in the battle against this national menace.

They also supported Robredo’s science-based approach to combatting crimes by re-focusing on PNP’s core mandate, which is crime prevention and crime solution, and adhering to a deliberate, programmable, sustainable, and rules-based crime-fighting concepts.

They said Robredo would also pursue institutional development and professionalization of the police organization through the adoption of a merit-based placement and promotion system, enactment of a PNP modernization law, implementation of a legal assistance program, and enhancement of the capabilities of training institutions and units.

They said Robredo committed to strengthening the criminal justice system by modernizing and improving coordination between the police, prosecution, and the judiciary; establishing a national crime information system; and adopting a system of expediting the investigation and resolution of cases.

“We believe that Vice President Leni Robredo is the candidate with the required sincerity, political will, leadership, competency, and necessary moral strength and integrity to implement such critical programs for the best interest of the country,” they said.

“Further, we pledge to stand with the nation and the people and our government to ensure that no assault to suffrage will come to pass, and that the integrity of the democratic process shall be unsullied by any lawful acts of omissions,” they added.

Source: Philippines News Agency