Report on Sri Lankan terror couple ‘fake’: AFP

MANILA -- The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) dismissed new reports claiming that a Sri Lankan terrorist couple was able to sneak into the country and planning to carry out attacks in Luzon.

"Per verification, there is a good reason to the doubt the veracity of the report as it came out in the papers," said AFP spokesperson Marine Brig. Gen. Edgard Arevalo in a message to reporters Sunday.

He said the report originated from family matters, where a relationship has gone awry and went from bad to worst.

"We have obtained information that one of the alleged 'suicide bombers', Victoria Sophia Sto. Domingo has executed an affidavit to the National Bureau of Investigation's Counter-Terrorism Division (NBI-CTD) on 22 July 2019," he said.

Arevalo said Victoria denied vehemently that she and her fiance, the father of her newborn child Mark Kevin Samhoon, are suicide bombers.

She also denied claims that her mother Anarkalie Dulara Palliyaguruge Sto. Domingo is a terrorist financier.

"She (Victoria) claims further that her father, Diosdado Manolette Mortalla Sto. Domingo was behind the tagging and the tipping of the lie to the authorities," Arevalo said.

However, Arevalo did not give information on why Victoria's father would fabricate such a tale, adding that the NBI-CTD can provide further details.

As this develops, he urged the public to remain calm and go on with their daily lives.

"AFP chief-of-staff General Benjamin Madrigal Jr. advises our people not to be easily swayed by unconfirmed media reports and information from individuals or groups whose reports come from unverified sources or are yet to be validated," he added.

Also, Arevalo said the AFP will continue to coordinate and collaborate with the NBI, the Philippine National Police, and other relevant government agencies here and abroad to strengthen the country's intelligence gathering and security measures. (PNA)

Source: Philippines News Agency

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