Remember ‘golden rule’, SolGen tells critics wishing PRRD ill

MANILASolicitor General Jose Calida reminded critics of the administration wishing that President Rodrigo Duterte would become ill that what goes around comes around.

"Well maybe (remember) the golden rule. That's my message to them," Calida told reporters on the sidelines of oral arguments on the Philippine government's withdrawal from the International Criminal Court (ICC) at the Supreme Court.

Calida was referring to the principle of treating others as one would wish to be treated, which is common to all major religions.

The top government counsel made the remarks following reports about the President's health.

"That is not the business of the SolGen. Everyday, I pray for his health and the other officials. It's up to the President (to disclose his state of health). I don't ask for your state of health. I am not a busybody. I mind my own business," Calida noted.

Last week, Duterte revealed that he paid a visit to the Cardinal Santos Medical Center in San Juan City for a medical check-up. (PNA)

Source: Philippine News Agency

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