Refrain from coming in groups to airports, MIAA to public

To contain and prevent the possible spread of the 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCov), the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) is requesting the public who have passengers to meet or send-off at the Manila airport terminals, to refrain from coming in groups heeding the advice of health experts to avoid crowded places.

MIAA general manager Ed Monreal has appealed to families and friends of airline passengers not to bring highly vulnerable people to the airport, especially children, elderly, immunocompromised persons and those with underlying medical conditions to protect them from possible exposure.

This call is being made not to alarm the public. This is our simple way of supporting inter-agency efforts to prevent and contain the spread of the virus, Monreal said.

"Let us say our goodbyes at home and not go to the airport in groups when meeting a passenger. It is very hard to fight tradition, but in times like this, everyone should look out for their own safety," he said.

Monreal said he is exercising his prerogative in granting access to the four NAIA terminals by limiting the issuance of visitors passes for sending-off or meeting passengers.

An exception will be given to cases when a companion may be necessary such as medical patients or other related emergency cases, persons with a disability, unaccompanied elderly, unaccompanied minors and unaccompanied pregnant women.

Also exempted are those given to government repatriation efforts and activities in fulfillment of government international commitments.

Issuance of passes to VIP rooms will likewise be limited to the airport reception of official guests of the government and foreign embassies.

To further prevention efforts, Monreal is also suspending familiarization tours, movie/ad filming, and other non-airport related activities.

He also advised his administrative chief to confine deployment of student on-the-job trainees to MIAA offices that are outside the four NAIA Terminals.

Source: Philippines News Agency

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