Red Cross Community Health Center in Eastern Samar: A big help to the Doloresnon and its nearby municipalities

MANILA- The Philippine Red Cross (PRC) new community health clinic in Dolores, Eastern Samar is a major step towards providing full access to quality health services to the people of Dolores as well as its nearby municipalities.

Eastern Samar is one of the poorest and most remote provinces in the country and this community center will enable them to immediately cater to seriously or critically ill patients.Dolores is a third class municipality in Eastern Samar, facing the Pacific Ocean where Super Typhoon Yolanda made its first landfall in November 2013 and Typhoon Ruby in 2014.

Dolores, with a population of more than 40,000 is considered as a poor municipality in Samar and has a shortage in health and medical care services such as maternal and child care.

"I am full of gratitude for Chairman Gordon who was the first one to arrive and saw the devastation first hand. I want to say thank you in behalf not only of the people in my new town but also of the 7 municipalities who joined us in the MOA to maintain the hospital. We have to travel 7 hours to Tacloban and another 3 hours to Borongan just so our mothers can deliver their babies. This would mean less maternal deaths and less children dying when going to the hospital. This is really a ray of hope," said former Mayor Emiliana "Ewit" Villacarillo.

The Dolores community health clinic project constructed in the central part of Dolores, Eastern Samar, is the joint project of the PRC and Emirates Red Crescent Authority (ERCA) and will serve also the 7 municipalities of Taft, Can-Avid, Oras, Sulat, Maslog, Arteche, and Jipapad ensure quality and accessible health clinic assistance.

This health facility offers maternal and child care, diagnostic testing and examination, blood collection and storage, ambulance services, and other PRC services and training programs.

Philippine Red Cross is grateful to its partners - the municipality of Dolores, Eastern Samar for donating 5,000 sqm of land, the UAE Red Crescent for the Community Health Center and the DOH which would provide manpower through its doctors to the barrios program.

Source: Philippines Information Agency

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