Quiapo vicar: New measures for ‘Traslacion 2018’ worked as planned

MANILA -- The new strategies made by the organizers of the Traslacion 2018 worked as planned, as the transfer of the Black Nazarene from the altar at the Quirino Grandstand to the 'andas' (carriage) that would carry the image throughout the grand procession, was without hitches and interruptions.

"That is actually our objective for this year, to have it (image) in the parade ground, then we are okay. That was just it for the meantime," said Quiapo Church Parochial Vicar Fr. Douglas Badong.

He added that they were satisfied on how the annual event started at 5 a.m. on Tuesday since devotees behaved properly while the image was being transferred to the 'andas'.

"The people did not crowd and run towards the image. They instead waited for the carriage to be in position," Badong said.

In the past years, many devotees were going up the stage to get near the image as early as during the transfer from the altar to the andas.

On the other hand, Badong attributed the successful start of the Traslacion 2018 to the cooperation of the 'Hijos Del Nazareno'.

"Before, each group has their own plan. But now, they realized that they can be united," he explained.

The Quiapo Church official cited the instructions given to devotees to kneel and sing at the time the image was transferred to the andas also helped.

"It helped in calming down the people," Badong said.

Also, he added that the presence of the military and the police had helped in maintaining order among devotees.

"That is also a factor that helped us. Thank God for their presence as the people did not rush towards the andas," Badong said.

Despite the quick transfer of the image to the 'andas', the priest could not say for certain if the procession this year would be shorter than last year's 22 hours.

Badong said they were already looking forward to improving it next year.

"At least, we hope to be able to reach the (Katigbak Drive) corner successfully next year... next year, we want to improve further so we can be more orderly," he added.

Source: Philippine News Agency

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