QC residents back mayor’s call to curb ‘unnecessary’ internet use

Quezon City residents on Tuesday expressed support on the recent call of Mayor Joy Belmonte to reduce unnecessary use of internet most especially during class hours.


“Tama po, wag tayong sumabay ng pag gamit ng wifi kapag oras ng klase ng mga bata, Mas importante po na makapag-online ang estudyante (That is correct, let us not use the internet while the students are having their online classes, it is more important that students are able to go online),” Lala Francisco said in a post.


The call, Belmonte said, is to give students fast access and a more stable internet connection while they are attending their online classes.


Belmonte made the appeal during the start of classes on Monday.


“As classes begin, students need a stable internet connection in order to properly attend their online classes. We appeal to the neighborhoods and community to lessen their internet consumption, particularly on unnecessary video streaming, during class hours,” she said.


Andrea Brazil, meanwhile, called on telecommunications companies to improve their services.


“Let us support the students in their online classes but I hope that the telcos also improve their services. Internet connection is a necessity nowadays,” Brazil wrote in Filipino.


On Monday, school year 2020-2021 started under the “new normal,” wherein a blended mode of learning that includes modular and online is used by the Department of Education.


“As much as possible, it is also best not to download heavy content, and lessen online games. Through this, our students will have uninterrupted learning,” Belmonte said.


“Internet connections are really slow because many people are using the net all at the same time that is why in our house, we try not to go online while my nephews and nieces are having their online classes so they can study,” Michelle Cervantes said in Filipino.


Meanwhile, Aj Fulgencio called for a stronger internet signal amid a spike in usage due to online classes.


“Sa totoo lang ang hina ng signal ngayon lalo na online class daming gumagamit ng net. Sana lang palakasin pa ang signal upang magamit, sayang kasi ang binabayad kung paputol putol wala kang nagagawang trabaho (it is really true that internet signal is very poor especially now that many are using the internet. I wish the signal would improve because we cannot properly do our work),” he said.


Belmonte also asked barangay officials to warn residents from doing activities such as playing loud music or doing karaoke sessions that may distract students from having their online classes.


She said online classes are challenging for students, teachers, and parents.


Recently, the city government announced that they will be setting up 1,000 free wifi access points in different areas in the city.


This is to give residents, most especially students, have free one-hour internet access.


Source: Philippines News Agency

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