QC forms monitoring panel on real properties

MANILA Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista on Monday ordered the creation of a Real Estate Management and Coordinating and Monitoring Committee (REMCMC) to further effectively and efficiently manage the local government's real properties.

There is a need to clearly identify the necessary and primary activities and tasks for the effective and efficient control and management of and management of the real properties owned by the City Government to ensure that the concerned departments and offices properly and timely undertake their mandated functions, duties, and responsibilities, the mayor's Executive Order 92018 read.

In issuing the order, Bautista said the city government will ensure the effective and efficient real properties control by undertaking the following:

Identification of real properties needed for project site/location and right of way (ROW);

Procurement/acquisition of real properties needed for project site/location and right of way;

Registration of transfer of ownership /title of real properties procured/acquired for project site/location and right of way and securing of certificates of title (OCT/TCT) for the procured/acquired real properties in the name of the city;

Identification and inventory of real properties donated to the city (e.g. parks/roads/open spaces of subdivisions that are donated by their developers to the city);

Registration of transfer of title of donated real properties in the name of the city and securing of corresponding TCTs in the name of the city;

Forfeiture of real properties that are tax delinquent, consolidation of titles of the city after lapse of redemption period and registration of the declaration of forfeiture and the securing of corresponding TCTs in the name of the city;

Reconstitution of lost or destroyed Original Certificate of Title (OCT) and Transfer Certificate of Title (TCT) covering real properties owned by and registered in the name of the city;

Recording of real properties owned by the city by the General Services Department (GSD), City Accounting Department (CAD), City Assessor and City Treasurer, and reconciliation of these records for consistency, accuracy and completeness;

Establishing possession and control of real properties owned by the city and exercising dominion over the same; and

Utilization and disposition of real properties owned by the city for revenue generation and other public purposes.

These activities will be strictly performed and implemented by the City Planning and Development Office (CPDO); City General Services Department (CGSD); City Legal Department (City Legal); Engineering Department; City Assessor's Office; City Treasurer's Office; City Accounting Department (CAD); City Budget Department (CBD); Market Development and Administration Department (MDAD); Parks Development and Administration Department (PDAD); and the Housing, Community Development and Resettlement Department (HCDRD).

The REMCMC is primarily tasked to monitor the implementation of the Quezon City government's responsibilities in real properties management.

The City Administrator will lead REMCMC whose members include the chiefs of CGSD, CPDO, City Legal, CAD, CBD, HCDRD, PDAD, MDAD, the City Engineer, City Assessor, and City Treasurer.

The REMCMC will ensure the coordination and cooperation among concerned departments in real properties control; monitor the task implementation and performance; assess and consider proposed projects or utilization of city's real properties; recommend improvement measures for the betterment of the management system; propose legislative measures to make real properties management more effective and efficient; and perform responsibilities as assigned by the City Mayor. (PNA)

Source: Philippines News Agency

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