QC exec seeks to ‘overhaul’ tricycle franchising system

MANILA To address traffic congestion and improve the livelihood of thousands of tricycle drivers and operators in the city, the Quezon City government plans to rationalize the franchising of for-hire tricycles.

Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte has teamed up with the University of the Philippines in a study that will overhaul the tricycle system in the city.

Basically, we'll just transfer franchises from 'overserved' routes to 'underserved' ones. Lalagyan natin ng prangkisa 'yung mga lugar na kokonti o walang nag-ooperate na (We will provide a franchise to places with few or no operating) tricycle, Belmonte said in an interview on Monday.

She said she is currently working on a proposed ordinance regarding this scheme. She said it will solve the problem of disproportionate number of for-hire tricycles against routes with fewer passengers.

The local official said that there are over 24,000 tricycles licensed to operate by the city government. They belong to 150 tricycle operators and drivers' associations (TODAs).

There are also an estimated 5,000 to 10,000 colorum tricycles operating in the city, Belmonte said.

Belmonte explained there are many overserved routes which cause traffic jams in secondary and major thoroughfares where tricycles are not allowed.

So, we're carefully studying this, and if we open up new (tricycle) franchises in under-served areas, it will also be a big help to the riding public and of course to those who want to operate a tricycle as a source of income, she said.

The city's Tricycle Franchising Board launched a crackdown against colorum tricycles in August 2017 seizing and destroying over 100 sidecars in the implementation of the QC Tricycle Management Code of 2014.

Belmonte said the anti-colorum operation was conducted to support the national government's efforts in resolving the traffic congestion in Metro Manila and in response to the complaints from city residents and legitimate tricycle operators. (PNA)

Source: Philippine News Agency

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