#PUSO2019: 7 reasons why PH should host FIBA World Cup (Philippines Daily Inquirer)

It’s the Philippines versus China again-this time for the rights to host the world’s grandest basketball event.

Just because the country is going against an Asian power not only in the game of basketball but also in resources, it doesn’t mean the Philippines doesn’t stand a chance.

Aside from the Filipinos’ unmatched passion for hoops, there are other reasons why the Philippines deserves to be awarded the prestigious 2019 Fiba Basketball World Cup hosting.

Good Food

When it comes to food, Filipinos are hard to beat.

Spanish? Check. Chinese? Check. Mexican? Check. American? Check.

The Philippines is a smorgasbord of flavor, and the players would have no problem with satisfying their hunger.

Expect the world’s best basketball players to engorge in the world’s best dishes.

Warm weather

It’s a chance for players from Europe and North Americans to enjoy the tropics.

The Philippines is right smack in the middle of the equator and the climate is tropical bliss.


It’s no secret that the Philippines has one of the best beaches in the world, and that’s just one of the few things this country to tourists.

While the players will be going here on business, having the option of breathtaking spots when they decide to go on a side trip is not bad.

Making history

Back in October 1, 1975, the greatest boxing match in history, as Sports Illustrated said it, happened at Araneta Coliseum.

Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier duked it out for 13 rounds with The Greatest emerging victorious and having a mall in Cubao named after him.

Fiba has the opportunity to produce a sporting spectacle that can equal Thrilla in Manila.


Trust the Filipinos to treat the FIBA delegation and hundreds of players, coaches and team staff from across the world with the world-class hospitality we are known if we bag the hosting rights.

Social media

The Philippines is not the Social Media capital of the World for nothing. Filipinos are crazy about social media-Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, you name it.

If FIBA wants its brand to reach billions of people, count on Filipinos to make Fiba World Cup trend in an instant.

China, meanwhile, has Weibo.


It may be too passe to say Filipinos have this undying passion towards basketball but the Philippines are indeed crazy about the leather ball and the steel hoop.

Floods? City ravaged by a leviathan-of-a-typhoon? Set up a hoop and Filipinos will jam.

Filipinos only need a ball and a hoop and any street corner can become United Center.

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