Public support needed to fully neutralize NPA threat

MANILA To fully neutralize the New People's Army (NPA), especially in Negros, public support is very much needed, the spokesperson of the Jamindan-based 3rd Infantry Division said Thursday.

Once again, we are calling the people especially the Negrenses to protect and defend your Army against this anti-people, anti-peace, and anti-development terrorist organization who feeds you with nothing but misery and poverty, Capt. Eduardo Precioso said.

Also, he reiterated earlier appeals by the military for the public to remain vigilant and report any movement and activities of the NPA in their respective areas to stop them from propagating more terror.

Military pressure alone is not enough. Hence, we need to combine our efforts to create social pressure that will induce the CPP-NPAs to lay down their arms, abandon armed struggle, and return to the mainstream society to start a new and productive life, Precioso stressed.

Earlier, the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) said that a total of 2,263 regular members and supporters of the NPA have voluntarily surrendered to government forces in the first two months of 2018.

"As of March 4, 2018, a total of 607 regular members of the NPA yielded to government authorities while the remaining 1,656 surrenderees are categorized into Militia ng Bayan (MB), Underground Mass Organization (UGMO) members and mass supporters," the AFP said in a statement.

Source: Philippine News Agency

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