PSC’s ‘Rise Up! Shape Up!’ tackles injury prevention in sports


While the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) encourages people of all ages to take up sports and be active, the agency highly urges everyone to ensure that no injuries will be sustained in the process.

In line with this, PSC’s web series ‘Rise Up! Shape Up!’ will demonstrate some basic warm-up exercises in a special webisode on June 11 featuring Professors Emman Papa and Michaela Angela Sales, both from the University of the Philippines-College of Human Kinetics.

Papa ang Sales will share kid-friendly whole-body warm-ups and stretches.

“Proper warm-ups and stretches will increase blood flow in the muscles and loosen joints a bit to prevent tears or bad twists when we exercise. This is especially needed in kids because they are still learning how to do proper form when exercising.” PSC Women in Sports Commissioner oversight Celia H. Kiram said.

“While kids will not likely associate play with exercise, playing is a physical activity that allows them to move and use their muscles, and there is still a risk of injury. Since play is significant in a child’s growth, we want them to enjoy playing as a physical activity but free from injury,” added Kiram who will also talk about play and playground in the “K-Isport” segment.

Joining the program is Cagayan State University College of Human Kinetics Professor Darwin Robin Tuliao who will share some safety gears for kids that can help prevent injuries.

PSC’s Rise Up Shape Up is streaming live on Facebook and YouTube on Saturdays and Sundays at 7 p.m.

Source: Philippines News Agency