PRRD’s 3rd trip to Japan made ties with PH even stronger

MANILA -- Ties between the Philippines and Japan are now on a stronger footing following President Rodrigo Duterte's third trip to Japan.

In a statement, MalacaAang described Duterte's trip to Japan to attend the 25th Nikkei International Conference on The Future of Asia and meet Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe a successful one.

President Rodrigo Duterte capped his working visit to Japan on a high note, putting the Philippines' strategic partnership with Japan on an even stronger footing, MalacaAang said in a statement.

MalacaAang described how Duterte and Abe agreed to enhance bilateral cooperation in infrastructure development, trade and investments, agriculture, labor, defense, maritime security and maritime domain awareness, people-to-people exchanges, and the pursuit of just and lasting peace and progress in Mindanao.

Duterte conveyed appreciation for Japan's renewed support for the government's Build, Build, Build infrastructure program, the Palace said.

It noted that Duterte also welcomed Japan's pledge to grant 25 billion yen (some PHP12 billion) for the development of Mindanao's road network, vocational training facilities and equipment, water supply development in the Bangsamoro, and livelihood programs, among other projects.

Aside from this, the two leaders also discussed modalities for greater cooperation in upgrading the Philippines' defense capabilities, including in maritime security and maritime domain awareness, Palace said.

Both leaders also looked into the possibility of Japan opening its door to skilled foreign labor, it added.

Moreover, both leaders exchanged views on regional maritime security, non-traditional threats, on-going efforts to secure peace in the Korean Peninsula, supporting free trade, and advancing the rule of law in disputed waters.

Source: Philippines News Agency

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