Prople Inc. introduces value-added solutions to RP firms

When companies want immediate improvements in the operations of their HR, Finance, Accounting, Tax and IT departments, there is an overriding need to bring processes, people and technology together.

Finally, a value- added business solutions provider that offers expertise in those areas is on hand to cater to the immediate needs of different small, medium to large-scale enterprises.

Prople Inc.- one of the country's leading outsourced business solutions providers that has extensive experience and industry-specific expertise in finance and accounting, human resources, tax services, IT and data management - provides value-added and cost-efficient solutions to clients in the Asia-Pacific region and the United States. With its head office being in the Philippines, more and more businesses will now be able to achieve their business goals without compromising their precious financial resources.

According to Alfonso S. Yuchengco III, chairman, working with Prople will allow companies to get their specific jobs done by people who are experts in the field assigned to them.

"With a pool of certified public accountants (CPAs), auditors, project managers, business analysts and IT professionals that make up our team, we can help clients achieve their bottom lines based on their core business," Yuchengco said. "By doing this, we can bring their operations to the next level of profitability and efficiency."

Finance and accounting

Prople offers custom- fit finance and accounting solutions that covers accounts payable, accounts receivable, general accounting, and strategic finance, among others.

For accounts payable, Prople can handle its client's purchase orders to administration of supplier payments process. Other services include expense claims processing and management, documentation analysis and validation, payment processing and policy-based disbursements.

Meanwhile, its services for accounts receivable scope sales orders and billing administration.

Other services include general accounting and strategic finance assistance, allowing customers to focus more on their most important tasks and core competencies while Prople does the outsourced functions for them.

Tax services

K and A Global Management Co., (KAGM), the US accounting and tax company of Prople Inc. in California and Kansas, is able to provide tax preparation, tax returns and analysis of individual or business tax returns as well as medical billing processing for its US clients - imagine what it can do for businesses that are present both here in the Philippines and the US.

Prople's/KAGM's team of CPAs and business professionals help clients to navigate through the tax filing process while staying on top of the latest changes in tax code. Other services include the management of personal financial statements, tax returns preparation and financial consulting.

Human resources

From payroll and timekeeping to benefits management, and from HR reporting and analysis to HR Information Systems, Prople can equip you with the right solutions and expertise.

Its full range of services for any company's HR department encompass statutory compliance, employee records administration, employee expense management that includes tools for travel expense reimbursement and workflow processing, and training management.

Yuchengco emphasized, "It is inevitable to receive complaints from a company's employees due to paychecks and payroll disputes. But with Prople, companies can address these issues by streamlining their payroll and timekeeping processes.

Furthermore, our experts can help organizations manage their employees' benefits and comply with industry, labor code and legal standards."

Data management

Adapting to the standards of the digital economy can be challenging, but Prople's data management services can help boost businesses through its data capture and conversion, data organization and standardization, data mining and analytics, and healthcare information services.

Prople can help in establishing and maintaining consistent report formats, seamless data integration and elimination of duplicate and irrelevant data. Furthermore, it spearheads in providing useful insights for risk administration and management and sales forecasting to propel your company forward.

"It's an added bonus that we provide health management solutions, which include medical billing, insurance claims processing and medical coding," Yuchengco said. "If you need optimum solutions that will help you migrate your data from paper to electronic records or encode legal, medical and business documents, the professionals from Prople/ KAGM are just who you need onboard."

Exemplifying value proposition

Prople Inc., exemplifies the value proposition that the company built and represents-the integration of process and people, powered by technology. Its growing presence in the fast-growing outsourced and off-shoring B2B market made it a trusted brand for more than a decade, helping other companies grow with them.

Yuchengco concluded, "In the coming years, Prople will continue to grow its market reach to help businesses across the globe meet their goals. For us, creating value for our customers means ensuring that their overall business operations follow the latest best practices in the industry - and we will be glad to be with them to achieve this."

Source: Tribune

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