Procap Insurance innovative business model is the first of its kind in the insurance industry

LONDON, April 29, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — ProCap Insurance is taking the insurance industry by storm. The ProCap Insurance Manila office will officially open in the month of May. Prior to this, ProCap Insurance had signed partnership agreements with partners in various different countries. Subsequently, ProCap Insurance will set up official agency offices in these respective countries.

All the regional partners strongly agreed that ProCap has a great business model and an experienced management team that is uniquely positioned to capitalise on the evolving insurance environment. As the industry transits through consolidation and technological disruptions, ProCap’s avant-garde operating model is well-positioned to provide the most competitive and cost-effective products. The amalgamation of ProCap, Policyholders, and Gaming Operators seamlessly is an industry first. The company has tremendous growth potential to be an industry leader with this revolutionary business model.

They further emphasised that both the insurance and gaming industry have 4 critical success factor in common. There are 1. Longevity 2. Sustainability 3. Law of large numbers 4. Recession Proof

  1. Longevity – Both industries have been in existence for more than three hundred years. They have subsequently adopted and evolved with times and embraced technology to keep them competitive and stay relevant. In fact, both industries are leaders in the adoption of cutting edge technologies to enhance the competitive advantages and maintain their relevancy in a fast moving world.
  2. Sustainability – Despite two world wars and numerous pandemic, they are still around to serve their clients faithfully without disruption.
  3. Law of large numbers – Both industries thrive on large numbers or big data. By having large numbers, they are able to better manage risks pooling and risks sharing more efficiently and effectively. This ensures that the interests of the policy holders are well covered and protected.
  4. Recession Proof – Contrary to popular belief, the recent pandemic had no negative impact on their revenues. In fact, both industries have registered double digits growth.

The partners are confident that ProCap Insurance has tremendous growth potential to be an industry leader with this revolutionary business model.

About ProCap Insurance

ProCap Insurance is a leading provider of capital insurance which insures the underlying fixed and current capital assets of enterprises and/or individuals. The company also offers consulting and pay-out analysis services for capital asset insurance to empower individuals and/or businesses to achieve better financial planning and financial freedom.

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